Enjoy Food and Lose Weight Faster

Not many people concentrate on their food to really enjoy it. By taking conscious effort to enjoy our meal, our brain will record the pleasant experience. When we do this often, the habit will become automatic and a second nature. If we want to really enjoy our food, we shouldn’t do this in front of the TV or while reading a webpage.

These distractions belittle the real value of food. We will think that we have eaten less than we have. Our brain will think that we actually need more food. When enjoying food, we need to give our mind and body a real focus. Savour each spoonful of food and be present for it throughout the eating ritual.

We need to dedicate at least twenty minutes to finish a moderate amount of food. The wall clock or time on our smartphone should be in plain view. This allows us to keep a consistent eating pace. However, the last five spoonfuls of food should be chewed more slowly. If we are still hungry after eating a moderate amount of food, it means that we are still eating too fast.

The sensor in the hypothalamus section of our brain requires up to 20 minutes to get fully activated. We need to wait a little longer to know that we’re not hungry anymore. By eating too quickly, we will feel bloated when the “feeling full” signal finally arrives to our brain. If we are still hungry, we may wrongly choose low-fibre food that is digested too quickly by our body.

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