How Dieters Should Eat Chocolate?

Low-sugar dark chocolate is a superfood, but we should still need to eat it in moderation. People who follow a diet plan must set a limit on the amount of chocolate they should eat each day. By having a proper rule, we will be able to avoid guilt.

For each treat time, two squares of dark chocolate are usually enough. Whether we treat ourselves every other day of the week or each day depends on our diet plan and calories intake allowance. It also takes self-discipline to eat only two pieces in a session. We may ease the temptation by pre-packaging the chocolate ahead of time. Break dark chocolate into two squares and individually bag them. Mark the day on each package, so we can be more consistent in eating limited amount of chocolate.

It is important to thoroughly enjoy our chocolate eating experience. If we want to be consistent with our slimming regimen, it is important to fully appreciate the taste of each square of chocolate. Chocolate treat time should be allocated at the end of a meal.

Our stomach is already full from eating, so, it is less likely that we will exceed our limit. When enjoying chocolate, we shouldn’t crunch it with our molar and immediately swallow it. Bite a small piece and let it melt on our tongue. Savour each bite of the dark chocolate square. Let it be a slow and mindful process. Good quality chocolate should be quite delicious even in a small piece.

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