How to Choose Guilt-Free Foods?

Chocolate fudge cake lashed with cream is clearly not a slimming option. However, people who undergo a diet program can enjoy various foods with less guilt-free. When our stomachs are empty and blood sugar level is low, we get hungry. It means that by ensuring food stays in our stomach longer, we will be able to stave off the hunger pangs.

We need to choose foods that take longer to digest. By focusing on food that contains more dietary fibre, our insides will work a bit harder, using up a few extra calories while doing that. So, which guilt-free foods that we should choose to speed up the weight loss process? Unprocessed, fresh food is a better option than processed one. Compare spooning in a sugar-rich apple pie filling and crunching a medium-sized apple – which one makes our digestive system work more? We can also change from refined white race to brown/black rice.

There are numerous steps that we can choose to make healthier foods. As an example, when making Bolognese sauce, we can add more fresh ingredients, such as cooked lentils, celeries and shredded carrot, as well as some lean minced meat. Instead of using canned tomato paste, we can use reduction of fresh tomato puree.

If possible, we should ditch any sugar-laden cereals, because they will only give sugar rush and they don’t really fill us up. A good breakfast could be consisted of more fresh fruits and protein; but less carbohydrate and unhealthy fats. Basically take anything that’s fresh and requires more chewing.

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