How to Flatten Your Stomach?

Most diet plans don’t help us flatten excess belly fat. They don’t aid people to have better appearance by looking slimmer. Although people can lose weight, thick belly fat layers are often the last ones to disappear. The basic concept to understand is that our body obtains fuel by burning energy reserve, including belly fat. We need to enhance our metabolism throughout the day, so flattening our stomach will be much easier.

It means that we need to provide our body with just enough amount of energy throughout the day. The total amount must be less than our total daily energy expenditure. We can do this by having multiple smaller meals throughout the day. We also need to perform various physical exercises to develop more lean muscle mass to speed up the flattening of our tummy. Weight training and cardiovascular exercises don’t directly make our abdominal muscles work harder, but we can still burn excess fat.

Stress and other mental issues may cause our body to pack on fat. To boot, excess fat accumulates around our belly area. Very light, calming activities, such as drinking a warm cup of lemon tea, reading an enjoyable book, breathing deeply and stretching can help calm our nerves down. The production of stress hormone will be reduced and excess fat storage is prevented. Flattening our stomach is a challenging goal, especially for people with huge beer belly. The key is to follow it through, by eating nutritious food at controlled amount and doing specific physical exercises.

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