How to Incorporate Tea in Our Diet Program?

Tea drinkers usually lose weight faster than people who don’t. After stowing away our gym bag, it’s time to get our kettle on and brew a cup of tea. We need to choose tea based on the personal preferences and effectiveness. Choose a type of tea we enjoy drinking, but there are types of teas that are better in helping us to lose weight. Oolong, white and green teas are the most effective for weight loss programs.

Black tea is moderately effective while herbal and decaf teas are less effective. Tea with plenty of sugar added will actually fatten us. We need to make it a daily habit and try to drink tea each day. The easiest way is to allocate a tea-time session. As an example, we can drink one cup in the morning and another in the afternoon. We may choose decaf tea before going to bed.

An ever easier way to drink tea is by substituting coffee with tea. Tea contains some caffeine, so we still get some of the effects. During a hot day, we may brew tea in the morning and chill it for later in the day. It is important to drink our tea plain, without any additive, such as sugar or milk. However, we may add a bit of honey and a light squeeze of lemon. When used properly, tea helps us deal with food cravings. Our metabolism will be better regulated. When we are hungry or are tempted to eat snack, a cup of warm tea is often enough to settle our cravings.

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