How to Reprogram Our Mind for Eating Slowly?

Slow eating is an important component of any weight less program. It is known that acquiring a new habit requires at least three weeks of constant mental rehearsal. We need to relax and use our imagination. Create mental images associated with pleasant experiences. It is also important to imagine ourselves lean and fit. By eating slowly, we are able to savour our food.

When we do this, we need to try to examine the texture and taste of each different type of food. Feel how the texture of the food changes as it is slowly broken down by our teeth and saliva. Drink a few gulps of water before and during eating to create a sense of fullness in our stomach. After eating, we need to visualize the desired end results, such as being energetic, being fit and having a lean body. We can also see in our mind, how we are going to look in those jeans, suit and dress.

Fast eating habit is often caused by both mind and physical hunger. We need to write down likely triggers surrounding our hunger. Note what we are eating and where we are when we tend to eat more quickly.

What we feel after eating quickly, especially when we are hungry?
This is important information to help us lessen or minimize triggers. Eating slowly is essential, because the “feeling full” signal reaches our brain in 10 minutes or more. By eating slowly, we can reduce the amount of food we eat, when we actually are already full. The satisfied signal is generated when specific hormonal and digestive processes take place.

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