Why Protein Can Help in Dieting Program?

Proper consumption of protein can help us in dieting or fat loss program. Protein is essential for muscle growth and when combined with weight-lifting sessions, we will have increased basal caloric requirements. After undergoing numerous weightlifting sessions, we will start to have increased muscle mass. One extra pound of muscle burns about 10 calories each day.

So, people who manage to obtain 20 extra pounds of muscles, while eliminating roughly the same amount of fatty mass, will burn about 200 calories each day; even during sleep. Protein in our food extends the digestion time, while carbohydrates and fats are digested faster. By having enough protein in our diet, we will feel full longer and the blood sugar level can stay level.

Because protein is more difficult to break down, it also needs more energy to process. In fact, eating a large protein-rich meal is comparable to the energy expenditure of a short, light physical exercise. Although the meal still provides us with excess energy, it’s lower than what we get from fat and carbohydrate. Fat loss is determined by the amount of calories we lose in a 24-hour period, based on our total daily energy expenditure. Eating enough protein will ensure higher energy expenditure.

Studies have shown that people who replace some of carbohydrates intake with protein are able to lose more excess fat. Even so, real weight loss can be achieved when the general consumption of fat, carbohydrate and even protein is reduced. Eating less and moving our body more often will always result in fat loss.

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